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Hair Coloring

At Defforge Hair Salon and Spa we offer Aveda and Schwarzkopf; the two undisputed leaders in hair color. Between these great hair coloring systems we can create literally any hair color you desire!

We offer the complete product line of Aveda and Schwarzkopf consumer hair products in our lobby.

Aveda Hair Color

Aveda hair care systems deliver salon proven results and feature unique flower and plant pure-fume™ aromas that change your mood while you cleanse and condition your hair.

aveda hair coloring

Schwarzkopf Hair Color

Since its founding in 1898 Schwarzkopf has always been driven by a passion for creating beautiful hair and this is reflected in each of its products for hair coloring, care and styling.

Your Hair Colorist

Your colorist is like an addictive brand of chips. After every bag, you go away a little more damaged, but we can’t help buying more. Now, a new additive called Olaplex makes this relationship significantly healthier. Scientists have discovered a new set of molecules that build a barrier between your hair and the chemicals that harm it during the permanent-coloring process. With this in mind, your colorist is now a stale bag of chips.

hair coloring

hair coloring roswell ga

hair color roswell ga

How it works: Peroxide enters the hair shaft to lighten the pigments and make room for the color you want. However, as a consequence, molecular bonds that make hair strong and resilient are split. When this happens, oxygen in the air can trigger a reaction that literally eats protein out of the hair, leaving it dry and frayed. Olaplex eliminates that reaction. In the little bottles of liquid your colorist adds to your regular dyeing process is one incredible ingredient; a chain of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur with reactive ends that love sulfur-hydrogen bonds. When mixed into the hair color, it couples with them faster than oxygen, creating a shield that fights back to keep your hair smooth and strong.

Hair Coloring Professionals Agree

“This product is the chemical equivalent of someone pushing you out of the way and stepping in front of the bus,” gushes one colorist. Another, Tracey Cunningham of Méche salon in Los Angeles adds, “I’ve been completely blown away by Olaplex. Not only does it prevent breakage, but my clients tell me their hair feels silkier and fuller, too. Plus, my life becomes easier when I know I won’t damage hair when I color it.”

hair colorist roswell ga

aveda hair coloring roswell ga

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