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Highlights and Lowlights

Over 15 years of experience with hair highlights and lowlights guarantees our clients the safest application of highlights and lowlights possible. Come experience our gentle no bleach highlights and lowlights that provide a much softer and more natural look.

blonde highlights

balayage highlights

Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights produce the most natural sun kissed effect in the hair with highlights disappearing into the roots of your hair. An economical solution as your highlights last longer than typical foil highlights used at other salons.

Ombré Highlights

Dark at the top and light at the ends, Ombré highlights give your hair a very natural, care free appearance. Because Ombré highlights are only touched up twice a year the expense is very reasonable.

ombre highlights

Why Our Highlights and Lowlights Are Better

At Defforge Salon we believe the best advertising for our salon is the great looks and overall health of our client’s hair. That is why we use saran instead of aluminum foil to apply highlights and lowlights to your hair. Saran has many advantages of which you should be aware.

Saran doesn’t dry out or damage your hair resulting in a burnt or dead look as highlights applied with foil can do, especially under the heat of a hair dryer.

The highlights we apply with saran allow us to get much closer to the roots of your hair than is possible with foil. This makes for far more natural looking highlights which can last two to three weeks longer than foil highlights. Another obvious distinction between highlights and lowlights applied with saran instead of foil is that you can see through saran; this benefit enables a more consistent application, and we can also monitor the hair color as it changes so that you always get the perfect shade.

How many times have you experienced hair stylists leaving the highlights on too long because they didn’t check under the foil in time? That will never happen at Defforge Hair Salon & Spa.

saran hair highlights

Here are some recent before and after shots taken at our hair salon.

hair highlights hair coloring and highlights roswell ga

hair coloring with highlightshair coloring with highlights roswell

highlights roswell gahighlights and lowlightshair highlights roswell ga